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Click on Ask Coach to read Cris LaBossiere's replies to readers fitness questions.

Functional training involves the "core" musculature, improves stability, and helps you move better both for sport and general physical funtion. - Or it can make you worse at moving full article

Trans fat bans, smoking bans, listing calories on menus: Is a nanny state chipping away our right to choose?

1/3 of cancers and Canada's number one killer; heart disease, can be prevented through lifestyle changes

Healthy food cheaper than junk food: Potato chips versus healthy snack - see which one wins

Icebike 11 winter cycling event Feb. 1 2009 The Forks Winnipeg was a great success! RESULTS

Healthy Chocolate muffins, antioxidant salad, 25% of your vitamin from a jam sandwich

Psst.. hey man.. want to get faster? Supplements; Should you use them?

Holiday Myths Busted! Eating at night causes weight gain, more heat loss through head

Emotional miscalibration: It's the reason you make poor food choices

Cure for chocolate cravings?

Bare bones start to healthy living

Can you get the protein you need without eating meat?

10 % per week rule for running does not prevent injury. Non evidence based exercise axioms are a dime a dozen, and most are believed and promoted as gospel. A new study shows the common 10% running rule does not prevent repetitive strain injuries. full article

Canadian obesity expert claims, "no cure for obesity" full article

Chewing gum leads to diarrhea and excessive water loss A story in the British Medical Journal describes how two patients had chronic diarrhea and excesive weight loss from chewing too much gum full article

New years resolutions - Meaningless? full article

Kurt Kinetic Road Machine indoor bicycle trainer review I beat the hell out of this trainer for a year. It still works as well as it did on day one. full review

Popular restaurants serve 1500 to 2000 calorie meals CBC Marketplace story investigates calorie values of entrees like chicken fajitas - 1484 calories, a veggie burger with nearly twice the calories as a Quarter Pounder full article

Not dropping your weights in the gym could lead to injury Find out why gyms need to reassess common, "Don't drop the weights" signs. (Full Article)

Study: Supplements increase cancer risk by 30% A review of 14 studies with over 170,000 people was done to investigate whether supplements affected gastrointestinal cancers. No protective effect was found. Supplements with beta carotene and vitamin A together increased cancer risk by 30% (Full Article)

Canadians ate 77 kg of vegetables per person in 2003 - is that a lot? Statistics Canada releases its 2003 food consumption report: We eat less veggies and more fat. (Full Article)

There is something missing from "health food" stores: Food ...Try to find apples in a health food store though and you'll come up empty... Interesting that "health food" stores are wall-to-wall pill shops. (Full Article)

Obesity Blitzkrieg Agencies in Canada and the US launch efforts to reduce childhood obesity. Obese Children as young as 7 years have hardened arteries. (Full Article)

Does the pro-smoking argument that smokers "human rights" are damaged by laws that prohibit smoking in public places hold water? No smoking bylaws - who do they harm, who do they protect? (Full Article)

NEWS or ADVERTISEMENT? Are typical "Health and Fitness Feature" sections in many newspapers genuine opinion and hard news pieces or are they merely advertising sections? (Full Article)

Rhino Fitness uses the Lactate Pro Blood Lactate analyzer, read the "Heart rate formulas, do they work?" article to find out more. Includes audio.

Fat Follies News Item: "Big Mac" healthy eating? French authors think so, read article for a critical review. (Full Article)

FAT! Atkins and other low carb fad diets are capitalizing on obesity like maggots on a wound, yet despite these diets popularity, our population continues to get fatter every year. (full Article)

Compulsive exercise: Are you doing too much? (full Article)

Top ten things you need to know to be successful with exercise and nutrition
1) True Rewards - Exercise and healthy foods, and the resulting vibrant healthy body and mind are your rewards. Enjoy these things that improve your life, keep you lean, provide energy, increase self-confidence, and reduce risk of disease. (Full Article )

Daily Caloric Requirements - Includes fat loss and exercise info
Quick estimate: Body weight in pounds X 10 = minimum calories per day required for zero activity. Add 500 calories for minimal daily activity (not exercise). Add another 300 calories for 1 hour of easy to moderate exercise. Athletes and intensive exercisers need more
. (Full Article)

Periodization - Includes sample graphs of one year plan and weekly aerobic training. Periodization is a system of planning that uses sequential "periods" or phases of physical exercise or training, each phase serving as logical preparation for the next. (Full Article)

Happy Planet Does it Right (product review)
Happy Planet http://www.happyplanet.com makes fruit juice and fruit smoothies with no additives. (Full Article)

Age based heart rate formulas; Do they work?
You see the heart rate charts posted on the walls of gyms, on the console face of cardio equipment, and frequently referenced in fitness articles. These charts don't really mean anything, find out why, and discover how to find the right exercise intensity for you.
(Full Article) includes audio

Disclaimer: These articles are not intended to provide specific advice to any one individual, they are intended to offer general facts and opinions on the topic of fitness and nutrition. Persons who require specific exercise or nutrition advice should consult a physician, fitness expert, or dietitian for personal advice.

For more general information on physical activity visit the Health Canada website. Rhino Fitness has no affiliation with Health Canada, but does recommend Health Canada as a resource for health information.


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