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April 18, 2005

Misery loves company - Drinking booze Increases craving to smoke

Medical News Today reports on research from the University of Chicago.

If you drink enough to become legally impaired, chances are your craving for sucking back on cancer sticks will increase - if you are a "light smoker".

We're not talking about the questionably "healthy" dose of booze of one to two glasses of wine with dinner. The puffing performance anxiety increases when you slurp back enough to numb your mind - four drinks or more. I make no bones about letting everyone know that I think one's mind has to be at least partially numb to begin with in order to decide to light something on fire an very purposefully inhale the smoke from it deeply, and perhaps this study proves my point.

Binge drinking causes a more rapid onset of a strong craving to smoke cigarettes; the faster you down the booze the more attractive those skinny lung polluters are.

Two of the most unhealthy things a person can do - excessive drinking and smoking cigarettes - appear to have a natural attraction to each other.

Researchers advise that if you're trying to quit smoking, you may want to abstain from drinking as well to help reduce additional cravings to light up - good advice at any time.

April 2005 issue of the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research

- Cris LaBossiere

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