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Chewing gum leads to diarrhea and excessive water loss

Headlines of this story mention gum chewing leads to excessive "weight loss", which of course gets some thinking about fat loss and interpreting that they can chew gum to lose fat. A short story published in the British Medical Journal on January 12, 2007 describes how two patients with unexplainable diarrhea (visiting the throne 10X per day or more) and rapid weight loss finally had their problem resolved when doctors questioned them about their eating habits. The two patients, one male and one female, had been chewing between 10 and 20 sticks of chewing gum per day.

The gum was sweetened with sorbitol, which is known to have laxative effects. Once the gum chewing was stopped, the diarrhea ended and the two regained around 10 - 15 pounds.

Laxatives for weight loss isn't new to those obsessed with weight loss, but still this story made it's rounds in the weight loss crowd pretty quickly.

There is no magical fat loss side effect of foods sweetened with sorbitol, in fact the side effects are pretty crappy. Excessive dehydration resulting from diarrhea may also lead to calcium and sodium loss which may cause heart rhythm problems.

There is typically around 1.2g of sorbitol in a stick of chewing gum. A laxative effect can occur with as little as 10g per day of sorbitol.

Two things will result from this recent news story:

The sales of chewing gum and toilet paper will increase.

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