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You talked about the protein myth which provided me with something to think about(since I seem to spend a lot of money on this product). I am just wonder what your thoughts are on other supplements such as creatine and l-glutamine and there effectiveness or lack of effectiveness in making greater muscle gains. I guess if I need to ask a specific question: Am I wasting my money on these types of supplements?


Yes, you are wasting your money. The real answer to gaining muscle mass, or aspects of performance such as strength, speed, power, endurance, and flexibility, is do stick to an evidence based diet and exercise routine. Consistency is key. You also need realistic goals. Having a goal to gain an unobtainable amount of muscle mass in a short time period can drive a person to use supplements because they feel they are failing without the supplements. The truth is there is a failure in making a realistic goal and following a sound training program long term. Go to this article for more details on why consuming extra protein to build muscle is a myth.

- Cris LaBossiere

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