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Hi I am a 40 year old nonsmoking male, I have been working out 3 days / week for about a year. I run 2 7.5 - 8.0 minute miles and lift weights for about an hour. I have improved my strength quite a bit and definition to a degree. I seem to have hit the wall on both definition and strength. I was wondering what hints OR SERVICE would be best to help with these aspects. I would like to focus on both BUT would like definition to be a bit quicker in results.


Dear nonsmoker: You're off to a good start being a nonsmoker and regular exerciser. Only about 15 - 20% of the North American population is involved in regular physical exercise. Hitting a wall trying to improve any aspect of fitness or human performance is usually the result of not following a long-term plan that progresses slowly, but consistently. Too often we are smitten by the desire to make gains quickly and this desire quickly becomes our Achilles heel as we become attracted to quick fixes. "Definition" or leanness is effected mostly by aerobic exercise and dietary intake with the determining factors being how many calories you eat compared to how many you burn off. Initial strength gains are fast adapting through the brain and central nervous system. After neural increases are maximized an increase in muscle mass is required to increase strength. Typically a well-planned training regimen will manipulate both neural and mass properties of muscle to achieve greater strength. Strength training must be "Periodized" to prevent burnout and plateaus. In general stick with small increments in sets, reps, or weight. In my practice I have found that increments that are smaller than 10% every 14 to 21 days yield permanent long term gains. The Aerobic Assessment Service is a good place to start with Rhino Fitness so we can accurately prescribe your correct heart rate for cardiovascular exercise by sampling your heart rate and blood lactate during an easy aerobic test. For weight training instruction and overcoming your strength plateau, our 5 Hour Block of One On One Training will teach you the correct technique, assess your biomechanics and teach you how to avoid plateaus. -Cris LaBossiere

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