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Hi Cris: I smoke about 500 cigarettes a day and I walkup and down the stairs to the basement once a week when I do laundry. Am I doing enough laundry to keep in shape. Derek


Dear Derek: You're not doing enough laundry to stay in shape. If you did small loads of laundry once per day in a Laundromat that is 1 kilometer from your home and you walked to and from the Laundromat each day, it would be a good start, but if you're willing to give up your laundry time as exercise and just go for walks each day, that would be better. Buy a heart rate monitor to monitor your heart rate during your daily walks. As you become more fit, your heart rate will drop for the same walking pace. Physical activity that is below 800 steps in one day (not stairs, just walking) is considered sedentary. It's best to consult with a physician before engaging in any physical exercise, especially if you are a heavy smoker and are sedentary. You may consider cutting down just a little on the smoking. Oh -and keep doing the laundry once you've started your daily walking..- Cris LaBossiere

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