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Needs to lose love handles in 20 days for special occasion

Question: I'm 24 years old..I have an special occasion of my life after 20 days...i just have love handle fat...i really want to lose..what u suggest me...should i join gym?? will it work in 20 days??


With healthy eating and exercise you could lose around one pound of body fat per week. There is no possibly way to spot reduce; no matter what you do you cannot make the body lose fat preferentially from one area like the love handles you want to lose. The one pound per week weight loss requires an approximate 500 calorie per day deficit.

There are of course a virtually unlimited number of phoney claims out there about exercises to reduce body fat from the waist, under the arms, thighs etc, but all these claims are completely false.

Those making the claims are counting on people being so desperate and gullible that they will take the bate and buy into their fakery.

Research shows that nearly every person who embarks on quick weight loss schemes fail big time as they typically get desperate and starve themselves causing unhealthy weight loss that includes losing lean muscle and water mass (causing dehydration). With short term superficial goals most people who do this gain back more weight than they lost as nearly all (about 95%) very quickly return to patterns of overeating and lack of physical activity.

Ultimately it will be your long term health that is more important. Once your 20 days is past you are unlikely to continue being concerned with your love handles, unless you work towards permanently changing to a more healthy lifestyle.

You're better off working on starting to make healthier choices and feeling the reward from making yourself more healthy and fit for a lifetime. These 20 days will come and go pretty quick but sound like as good a time as any to get started on healthy living.

Use the free online nutrition tool (click on link to the left) to figure out how many calories you need per day to lose weight healthily and how to get all the vitamins and minerals you need.


Follow up..

Thank you for your advise cris.. You are absolutely right.. But what should I do for now ??


Use to learn about the quality of your current food intake. It's a very useful tool. 

You'll discover whether or not your food intake is meeting the RDA for vitamins and minerals, as well as total calories, proteins, fats, and carbs. 

If you don't currently exercise and have no injuries or health issues preventing physical activity, start with walking. 

Strength training is very important but don't jump into it. Get some guidance from a pro and be sure to start easy. Exercise should not feel hard or make you feel tired or sore when starting out. 

The base recommendation for walking is around 10,000-12,000 steps per day. You can buy a pedometer for $7-20 to keep track of how many steps you do in a day. 

Losing fat is more about eating less than it is about exercising, but of course exercise plays a significant role. 

Think about eating for controlling weight and getting the nutrients you need and exercise for making you fit and strong. 

Reducing calories without exercise results in loss of lean muscle as well, so make sure you exercise to preserve your muscles as you gradually lose body fat. 

It really is a lifestyle change, so the most important aspect of this will be thinking about how you feel about the choices you make. If you feel that changing what you eat and doing more exercise feel like an interference then failure is more likely. 

Most people feel rewarded with unhealthy choices and penalized with healthy choices. Healthy living is liberating and feels good, unhealthy living makes us tired, weak, and increases risk of illness. 

When you have your moments of indecision about what to eat or feel strongly compelled to overeat or eat something unhealthy, reflect on your choice and ask yourself, is this going to help me live?

Make sure you think about how good you feel for making healthy choices. Over time your brain will adapt and you'll begin to feel naturally compelled to make healthy choices and the unhealthy choices will become non-compelling. 

It takes at least 25 weeks of making good choices and mindful thinking about why you should feel rewarded with good choices.. So keep it up :-)

Expect set backs and when they occur get right back at it. Let me know how you progress.