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Ex rower needs to peak

Question: Hi i am an ex-rower and i would like to know what training cycle you would give to someone who\'s preparing for a 6-7min all out competition. Aerobic/anaerobic training thru the weeks till peak(race)


Not a lot to go on here. What is you current performance? How many hours per week do you train now? What is your current combination of aerobic/ anaerobic training? What are your known strengths and weaknesses? Do you have any injuries currently? Do you have a history of re-occurring injuries? Are there any other competitions on the way to the main competition?

You mention that you're an ex rower but did not specify what sport you would be competing in, is it rowing? Is it some other sport that lasts 6-7minutes? Actually you din't even mention if this was for you, but rather "someone".

I could spit out a simple cookie cutter program outline; Base training starts with a strength base gradually shifting to power and power endurance. Gradually add VO2 max intervals 30 seconds on 20 seconds off X 5, gradually build to 10-12 repeats. Include Plyometrics 1X per week once prerequisite strength gains are made, use early and mid season competitions to nail down your most effective taper so when your main event arrives there's no more experimenting. Typically a taper has around 30% less training volume than a regular training week, but intensity is maintained.

That paragraph basically says nothing, as I have basically nothing to go on. Does "training cycle" mean the same thing to you as it does to me? Is that the typical 7 day training week? The common 3 weeks work 1 week rest? The 14-21 day fatigue/ recovery cycle? The individualized fatigue/ recovery cycle?

If you're looking for specific advice to help someone peak for a competition the best path to take is first assessing the individual and building a program based on what is found in the assessment.

Over time training records will reveal how the individual responds to training and specific personal training/ recovery periods can be made. On going assessment allows for accurate remodeling of the program as the person advances.

Or you could simply train harder when feeling recovered, recover often, and take a break when it feels like fatigue is reducing ability to train.

I realize the most popular want is to have a simple program laid out from beginning to end, and I understand these "programs" are very popular, but outside of providing average results, these programs are not very good.

I wish I had a better answer, but you've asked a broad question without much detail, and you've asked for an entire training program including a pre-race taper. That level of detail deserves a lot of attention, more than what I can provide on the Ask The Coach format.

Is there a specific part of a program that you're looking for an answer on?