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Name: Ron

Question: Hi Cris

I wanted to call you when you were on CJOB, answering peoples questions.  I have a question,  my wife has thyroid issues and has a difficult time with her weight.

Do you have any suggestions for her on what diet, fitness activity she should do?


Answer: Hi Ron

The main challenge, even with diagnosed hypothyroidism and weight loss is not different than anyone else; that is consuming a balanced diet to maintain weight, and consuming fewer calories than expended to lose excess body fat.

Excessive fat gain with hypothyroidism is really a well established urban myth.

There may be modest hydration gain, but there really isn't anything that would cause excess fat gain, other than overeating.

I would forget about the idea of thyroid having anything to do with weight gain.  That urban myth only becomes a self defeating crutch where a person gives up trying because they believe they have a problem that is beyond their control.

I am very disappointed in those in the fitness business who support and perpetuate the thyroid myth as it helps no one.

Learn about what you're eating now, then make changes to improve.

Use this free nutrition assessment tool from Dietitians of Canada

Get your head around the idea that most people underestimate the amounts of what they eat, even when using online diet tools by themselves.  

Be forthcoming and as accurate as possible when entering the amounts of food consumed.

recording 3 to 5 days of food will give a good idea of what your wife is eating.  I suggest you both do it and support each other in the process :-)

The tool will total up total calories, calories from fats, carbs, proteins, as well as total vitamin and mineral intake from foods.


All exercise should be easy to start with.  Walking is a great place to start and can contribute greatly to calories burned.  No one gets fit walking though, so look at walking as the first step towards greater intensity as fitness increases.

I have no idea whether your wife exercises or not right now, as this wan't mentioned.  Hard to advise for an individual with no info :-)

Here is a link to an article by the American Thyroid Association you may find helpful.