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Rates in Canadian Currency

Before starting with a Rhino Fitness service, or starting exercise on your own, click here to complete the PAR-Q health questionnaire.

One on One In Person Coaching.

Available in Winnipeg Manitoba

Fee's nonrefundable after 7 days but remain on credit.

Hourly One on One Coaching
Hourly coaching includes expert technique instruction, analyses and feedback, program review, program design, and short term training recommendations.

One hour of one on one coaching

Bring a Friend and Save $$

Two People

Three People

Four People

Hourly rate:

$45.00 per person

$35.00 per person

$30.00 per person

5 hours (Time Block)
An economical way to buy one on one instruction

One Person

Two People

Three People

Four People

All group rates (2 or more people) require that all those in the group attend each session. "Make up" sessions for one person missing a group session require a fee to equal the cost of a regular one on one session.



$300.00 ($60.00/hr)

$200.00 per person

$150.00 per person

$125.00 per person

Includes 1 email per week for four weeks (training/ exercise records feedback)

Student Rate
• Includes 4 x 1 hour sessions per month.
• Must be a student enrolled in either full time or part time school.
• Rhino Fitness provides a student rate to serve students on a fixed income. Please don't abuse the privilege. Rhino Fitness reserves sole discretion in granting or denying the "Student rate" to any individual(s).
• Students may be coached in groups of 3 persons at a time. You do not need a group of 3 students to book time (you may be placed with 1 or 2 other students). Although the student rate assumes 3 students will be trained together, quite often the training is in fact one-on-one with the coach.

$150.00 each 4 hours ($37.50 per hour)
Team or Group Rates
All training needs for an entire team will be skillfully attended to including a Periodized annual training/competition schedule designed to maximize peak team performance for the most critical competitions of the year. Team testing, individual athlete assessment, group training, and addressing unique individual needs of each athlete will be included.
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