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Professional Speaking

Cris LaBossiere, an associate of the Tudor Bompa Institute, is available for presentation on:


Training with lactate, heart rate, and power.

Getting Started with healthy living

Fat loss

General exercise and fatigue management


Corporate Wellness

All presentations include original copy of written material and handouts. Listed workshops have PowerPoint presentations.

Let Cris LaBossiere share with you his training methods that have produced champion athletes for almost two decades, as well as no-bull diet and exercise methods for fat loss and general fitness.

Cris LaBossiere has been presenting to general population, corporations, universities, health care professionals, coaches, and athletes for 20 years. The main seminars presented are:

1) Managing Fatigue and Exercise*

Includes latest scientific understanding of mechanisms of fatigue and implementing effective training protocols using the latest portable measuring techniques such as blood lactate testing and heart rate analyses, and implementing the theory of Periodization. This workshop is about modern training principals and program development.

2) Nutrition, a coaches perspective*

A pragmatic working solution to common nutrition problems including fat loss, increasing muscle, pre and post exercise nutrition needs, debunking fad diets, and learning how to establish how many calories a person requires daily.

3) The First Steps - Adapting to a healthy lifestyle*

Learn how to begin making fundamental emotional and cognitive decisions regarding diet and exercise. The critical first steps of basic fitness assessment, logical "where do I start" tips, what intensity to exercise at, what exercises to do, busting common myths. Participants leave with the confidence they really can get started on healthy living.

4) The Next Level - How a regular exerciser can move up to the next level*

Intended for regular exercisers and fitness enthusiasts that want to get more out of exercise, but aren't looking to become athletic. Participants will learn how to prevent plateaus, increase strength and cardio vascular fitness and be introduced to some advanced concepts in exercise including short and long term planning, interval training, and advanced functional resistance training.

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Call or email for specific rates. Location, set up, and material needs can vary with customization of presentations for different group.


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